Mahmoud Fadl

Umm Kalthum 7000

"Apart from Allah, they say, Umm Kahlthum is the only subject about which all Arabs agree ... Stern and tragic, rigidly in control, this was a woman who, in her heyday, truly had the Arab world in the palm of her hand. With melancholy operettas that seemed to drift on for hours, she encapsultaed the love lives of a nation." Rough Guide to World Music, London 1999


Welcome to the 7th millenium as seen from Cairo, the mother ("umm") of all cities. Welcome to the world of Umm Kalthum (1902-1975), bigger in the Arabic-speaking world than Maria Callas and Elvis Presley in the West put together. Mahmoud Fadl, ambassador of Cairo Cool, master-drummer of the Nile and director of Nubian soulsters Salamat, plays tribute to the eternal Diva, 25 years after she died of a broken heart in 1975. Umm Kalthum 7000 packs a full compliment of young instrumentalists from the Cairo Opera who live and breathe the music of the divine Umm, and welcomes the outstanding Salwa Abou Greisha – from the famous Nubian musicians' family – as the featured vocalist.

Preis: CHF 28.00
Art: CD
Erschienen: 2000
Verlag: Piranha
Masse: 66.23 Min.