Paul Theroux

The Pillars of Hercules

A Grand Tour of the Mediterranean


At the gateway to the Mediterranean lie the two Pillars of Hercules: Gibraltar and Ceuta, in Morocco. Paul Theroux decided to travel from one to the other – but taking the long way round. His grand tour of the Mediterranean begins in Gibraltar and takes him through Spain, the French Riviera, Italy, Greece, Istanbul and beyond.

Travelling by any means necessary – including dilapidated taxi, smoke-filled bus, bicycle and even a cruise-liner – he encounters bullfights, bazaars and British tourists, discovers pockets of humanity in war-torn Slovenia and Croatia, is astounded by the urban developments on the Costa del Sol and marvels at the ancient wonders of Delphi. 

Told with Theroux's inimitable wit and style, this lively and eventful tour provides the essence of Mediterranean life.

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

Paul Theroux has written many works of fiction and travel writing, including the modern classics The Great Railway Bazaar, The Old Patagonian Express, My Secret History and The Mosquito Coast. Paul Theroux divides his time between Cape Cod and the Hawaiian islands.

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