Halim Barakat

The Crane


In The Crane, the renowned Syro-Lebanese author Halim Barakat creates a narrator who looks back wistfully on a childhood in a small village of Syria, then travels to the United States, and, with his wife, goes through the experiences of American college life in the 1960s. The narrative's sequence invokes the world of the imagination in interpreting this nostalgic account of a Middle Eastern childhood and its international aftermath.

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

Halim Barakat is a novelist, critic, and scholar of sociology, who recently retired from a long career on the faculty of Georgetown University in Washington DC. Among his scholarly works in English are: Visions of Society: Reality in the Contemporary Arabic Novel and The Arab World: Society, Culture, and State.

Bassam Frangieh is a scholar in the field of modern Arabic literature. He has published a number of studies of important modern Arab poets and is a translator and anthologist. He has taught at several American institutions, most recently Yale University.

Roger Allen is professor of Arabic language and literature at the University of Pennsylvania. Among his translations from Arabic literature are Naguib Mahfouz's Mirrors (AUC Press, 1999) and Karnak Café (AUC Press, 2007).

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Sprache: Englisch (aus dem Arabischen von Bassam Frangieh und Roger Allen)
Art: Gebundenes Buch
Erschienen: 2008 (1988)
Verlag: AUC
ISBN: 978-88-17-14162-8
Masse: 157 S.