Tom Chesshyre

A Tourist in the Arab Spring

"We were overtaken by a red pick-up truck with an anti-aircraft gun; it settled in front, as though acting as an escort. We were travelling at 150 kilometres an hour. So this is what it's like to be abducted, I thought."


One year after the first uprisings of the Arab Spring, Tom Chesshyre jumped on a plane and travelled as a tourist across Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. The result is travel writing on the edge. He tracks down the spot where a now-famous fruit seller martyred himself, visits forgotten Greek and Roman ruins, falls asleep to the sound of gunfire and crunches his way across rubble at Gaddafi’s bombed-out bunker.

Most illuminating of all are impromptu discussions with the people he meets – preachers, smugglers, bullet miners and rebel soldiers – who are often bewildered to see a tourist but keen to talk about life before, during and after the revolution. Inspired by those who gave so much for a future that hangs in the balance, Chesshyre gives a compelling, moving and humorous account of his adventure.

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

Tom Chesshyre was born in London in 1971. He has a degree in politics from British University, where he was news editor of the university paper, Epigram. He completed a newspaper journalism diploma at City University, after which he had short stints at the Cambridge Evening News, Sproting Life and Sky Sports. He freelanced for The Daily Telegraph and The Independent before joining the travel desk of The Times in 1997, where he still works. He has helped with the research on two non-fiction books: W.G. by Robert Low, a biography of W.G. Grace, and Carlos: Portrait of a Terrorist by Colin Smith, a biography of "Carlos, the Jackal". He is the author of three previous travelbooks: How Low Can You Go? Round Europe for 1p Each-Way (Plus Tax), published in 2007; To Hull and Back: On Holiday in Unsung Britain, published in 2010; and Tales from the Fast Trains: Europe at 186mph, published in 2011 and shortlisted in the 2012 British Travel Press Awards. His travel writing has taken him to almost a hundred countries. He lives in southwest London.

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