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The Rough Guide to North African Café

Diese Sammlung nordafrikanischer Musik entführt einen in die Medina mit ihren Cafés und dem Summen des geschäftigen Alltags, mit der vom aromatischen Duft der Wasserpfeifen geschwängerten Luft. Wir laden ein zu einer musikalischen Reise durch Marokko, Tunesien, Algerien und Ägypten – mit Algeriens legendärem Maurice El Médioni bis zum französisch-tunesischen Oud-Meister, Smadj. 


The question ist: What makes a good "café" selection? Perhaps it's easier to answer in part by listening to this selection, and by understanding what it's not. It's not "lounge": a sort of musical pasteurization process in which the sequencing of the selections is often more important than the selections themselves. And it's not café-concert, although that genre is one of its main inspirations. It's not rock – but the rock attitude (anti-authoritarian, bohemian) is certainly present from time to time. It's Cheb Balowski's infuriatingly elusive lineage (Russian? Polish? Spanish? Berber? Or just an elaborate joke?); or Barrio Chino's timely reminder of Al Andalous and the inextricable links between Iberian, Arabic and Jewish music. It may equally be the ancient Nilotic harp music of El Tanbura. And there's always a place for the endless creativity of the London and Paris club scenes and their myriad hybrids (Madioko's henna-party vibe over the top of Murder, She Wrote Casio sample). A friend – a music lover, but not a music fanatic – suggested this: Great North African tunes that you don't necessarily have to dance to.

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Akli D; Maurice el Médioni; Barrio Chino; Madioko & Rafika; Smadj; Sahabat Akkiraz; Les Orientales; Cheb Balowski; El Tanbura; Abdel Gadir Salim; Akim el Sikameya; Les Boukakes; Mahmoud Fadl; Tarik.

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Art: CD
Erschienen: 2007
Verlag: World Music Network
Masse: ca. 60:27 Min.