Karen Haid

Calabria: The Other Italy

Calabria: The other Italy, nimmt dich mit auf eine spannende Entdeckungsreise durch eine noch immer sehr wenig bekannte Region im Süden Italiens. Die Autorin lebte, arbeitete und reiste einige Jahre in Kalabrien und beschreibt die Region anhand ihrer Erlebnisse, Begegnungen und Eindrücke, ergänzt mit historischen Informationen. Entstanden ist ein realistischer, humorvoller aber auch berührender Reisebericht durch den Alltag, die Kultur, das Essen, den Freuden und Herausforderungen "des anderen Italiens". Das Buch eignet sich für Menschen die sich gerne ausserhalb des "Mainstreams und des Massentourismus" bewegen und eine italienische Region kennenlernen möchten, die es absolut wert ist, entdeckt zu werden. Stella Anastasio


In Calabria: The Other Italy, Karen Haid attempts to answer the question, "But why Calabria?" that so many Italians, Calabrian and non, continually asked, not able to fathom what could have possibly lured an American without Calabrian blood to linger on their shores any longer than a brief summer vacation or a pass through on the way to Sicily. However, from the moment she set foot on Calabrian soil, the author was intrigued by the characteristic determination of the Calabrese people, the wealth of its history and art, the beauty and variety of its landscape, and its rich culture, most often celebrated in terms of extraordinary culinary offerings. Calabria: The Other Italy grew out of her four-year immersion, observing, interacting and absorbing the wonders of the people and the place.

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

Karen Said inherited her love of Italy and its traditions from her parents. Raised on a wholesome diet that featured plenty of pasta, she learned the meaning of "al dente" before it was in vogue. Karen went on to study the Italian language and culture at schools in Rome, Florence, Lucca, Sorrento, Taormina and Reggio Calabria, and earned Dante Alighieri Society's Advanced Certification of mother tongue equivalency, as well as credentials to teach the Italian language and culture from Reggio Calabria's University for Foreigners. She teaches, translates and writes on Italy and other topics. Her travel writing capitalizes on her experience as a tour leader for educational excursions throughout Europe in which she developed a talent for encapsulating the essential information intrinsic to the understanding of a civilization, whether to aid in communication directly with a native inhabitant or to enhance one's world view from a comfortable armchair at home.

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